Archived Webinar: Financial Strategies for Freelance Artists in a Time of Crisis

Many of us feel embarrassed to talk about financial vulnerability. Our neo-liberal capitalist system tells us that we should be climbing a ladder toward financial success, and that our “successes” and “failures” are indicative of individual strength or weakness. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, however, these feelings may be even more present as we all experience various states of financial uncertainty and anxiety. In this interactive discussion, financial planner, tax preparer, organizer, and artist Amy Smith will guide individual artists in thinking about both the practical (emergency funds, safety net programs, debt management, taxes, negotiating with lenders) and the philosophical/emotional (understanding shame and impostor syndrome, building collectives, modeling radical transparency) elements of financial preparedness, and offer resources and support to help freelance artists get through this challenging time. This session will also include a question and answer portion. Remember: your debt is not shameful, nor is your financial reality shameful. And we need to work together towards solutions, both immediate and long term.

UPDATE: Paycheck Protection Program Loans: Starting April 10, 2020, independent contractors and self-employed individuals can apply for and receive loans to cover their payroll and other certain expenses through existing SBA lenders. More details.

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