Archived Webinar: Praxis Sessions for Virtual Collaboration: Land Acknowledgements

Unsettling Dramaturgy is excited to launch our Praxis Sessions for Virtual Collaboration. In this 4-part series we will address approaches to, and practices in online convening that centre unsettling, decolonization, indigenization, and disability justice in process design. This series emerges from our year+ of work and research in transnational convening and creative collaboration through virtual mediums. This series has been developed as our response to the turn towards online organizing that has followed the COVID-19 crisis.

The first session in this series centres on the practice of Land Acknowledgements in virtual, cross-geographic collaboration.

This session will feature Unsettling Dramaturgy Creative Collaborators: Claudia Alick, Roo George-Warren, Jessica Schacht, Tara Moses, Andrea Kovich, Carmen Papalia, mia susan amirĀ 

View the video and transcript.