#Above4 Fund (TILA Studios)

In an effort to sustain black women’s contributions in the art industry during the COVID -19, TILA Studios is launching a recurring monthly fund beginning at $1,000 to support black women artists nationwide.


  • Experienced a stalled gig or paid creative job opportunity 
  • Lost of Income from day job being temporarily closed 
  • Stipend for On-Going Art Project with a Specific Purpose and Direction

$1,000 monthly recurring fund until August 2020

It is during times of crisis that black women join together. We understand that being a black woman artist is an act of resilience and activism. Black women artists juggle multiple jobs, supporting not only themselves but families as well as thriving art practice.

We want to sustain our momentum, continue empowering black women and their practice, the only way we do this is if we are the change and the support we want to see.

The funding will occur monthly from April 2020 until August 2020. If we continue to witness and experience the economic impact of the COVID-19 we will continue awarding an unrestricted financial award until January 2021.

Read more, donate, or apply here.