Archived Webinar: It Was Always Possible: Centering the Leaders Who Were Here All Along

Erasure and isolation (geographic and social) is not new to people with disabilities, carers (caregivers) and parents of small children, folks in rural communities, and Indigenous artists. Despite burdensome, unwelcoming, and sometimes punitive arts and culture sectors, these leaders continue to bring their energy and labor to creative practice. Our current crisis offers an opportunity for us to center the leadership and expertise of artists who already know how to create sustainable and resilient practices. What can we learn from folks who have been developing strategies for combating isolation and cultivating online, digital, and transmedia practices all along? How can we follow the lead of those who have been advocating for a shift in the way our cultural sector values artists? Join Rachel Spencer-Hewitt (Parent Artist Advocacy League), Claudia Alick (CallingUP), Ashley Hanson (Department of Public Transformation), Ty Defoe (writer & interdisciplinary artist) and Cole Alvis (actor, theatre maker, and Artistic Producer, lemonTree creations) and more to be announced for a discussion about how to work collectively, collaboratively, and imaginatively in a system that was not built with them in mind.

View the video and transcript (live).