Archived Webinar: Look for the Helpers: Learnings and Teachings for Building Resilience

As humans across the globe are processing unprecedented levels of stress, fear, and grief, we are all struggling to develop new methods of managing these emotions. Many of us are being tested and strained in ways we’ve never before experienced. What strategies can we call upon to process our current circumstances, especially when we are apart from our communities, families, and loved ones? How can we best take care of ourselves and each other in this frightening and unstable time? In this conversation, healing arts practitioners and faith leaders, all of whom have a relationship to or practice in the arts, will offer guidance from their traditions and expertise as a means of supporting our community’s growing capacity for resilience. This conversation will be facilitated by Leslie Ishii, Artistic Director, Perseverance Theatre, and features Lana Smithner, Aaron McKinney, David Shmidt Chapman, and B. Anderson.

View the video and transcript here.